Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day before the Storm

Soooo today was a good but busy day.  I worked in the morning and then went and ran some errands and got some last minute things for the trip.  John and I got haircuts.  How cute .  Haha .  Then I went to the circuit overseers afternoon meeting for service.  It was really encouraging and just nice to be with my brothers and sisters at the hall.  I wish I could stay for the whole c/o visit , but oh well. So I'm not completely packed yet but I wanted to test this out again.  Sorry in advance if this is boring.  I'm hoping it'll get better as I do more things.   Tomorrow (Friday) morning we fly out from Asheville.  
By the way, after tomorrow morning as hard as this is for me and all the withdrawals I'll have - I can't text anymore.  Haha.  Well I can , but it'll be expensive.  So I won't be doing it.  If anyone needs to get a hold of me they can email me at  or on Facebook .   Anyways , I need to continue packing and it is late .  Take care guys :D 

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